Implementation plan 2015

The main milestones toward school inauguration

Back in 2009 it was only a spiritual souvenir in the luggage on the way back from a cultural trip from Cameroon to Germany. Today it is the concrete concept of the German school Yaoundé (GSY).

Many creative logical steps and concept papers later a multicultural team of many colours brought the idea of an international school into being.
The fact that the idea of a German school in Yaoundé could take shape within such a short time is especially due to commitment and trust. In particular the trust that the initiator Bop Sandrino-Arndt has put into this idea since the very beginning when it first came up – a trust which shall also in the future mark the cooperation concerning the GSY. Many supporters and people who inspired the evolution of the GSY confirm this sign of faith every day by their commitment and their passion which they invest into this project.

What is a concept today shall be realized and put into practice in the near future. In September 2012 the first German school abroad in the French speaking Sub-Saharan Africa is supposed to be inaugurated officially.


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