Transcultural Cooperation

The GSY project plans to unify the diverse possibilities of transcultural cooperation under the roof of an international educational institution. An interest and enthusiasm for German Culture and the German language will be awakened in children from Yaoundé, who will receive an excellent transcultural education to prepare them for the future. The school’s work and learning atmosphere will constantly be improved upon and made sustainable.

The project’s initiators have chosen the following goals as a guideline:

  • To improve educational quality standards in Cameroon while at the same time assuring economic sustainability      
  • To convey the German language and culture to children and adolescents in a clear manner
  • To ensure active transcultural exchanges between Germany and Cameroon

Motivation is our guiding principle, as is the concept that education is the key for a fair world. Only when knowledge becomes a society’s highest good is it possible to ensure a better way of life.


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