Why we support the project

Evariste Folly: “In the context of my diploma thesis – I investigated the investment potential of Africa – I became aware that education is one of the most important criteria for the choice of an investment site. Because of this it is very important for me personally to get involved and support the project. Only with the help of education, the development of Africa’s economy can be fully exploited."

Zena-Gabrielle Hailu: “I believe the world is moving in a direction where the current concepts of borders will change significantly. For me, the project is an investment for the future where the cultural and personal exchange between countries and people will be a matter of course.”

Gabriele Labatzki: “Every human being is unique and has potentials that are valuable for the community. With the project “German School Yaoundé” we want to set potentials free and create a vision of a future with a successful worldwide community on the basis of education and knowledge.”

Nadine Liebsch: “During my studies I had the opportunity to make several practical experiences and participated in various projects. This project is something special: it proves responsibility for the society and contributes to the future of the children of Cameroon. The project is a very interesting challenge. I am delighted to invest ambition, motivation and enthusiasm.”


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