Get active – shape the future

Making decisions with rhyme and reason. Breaking the mould and shaping the future. A maxim that has significance for each and every company – in the company and out on the market. Shape the future together with us and invest in the education and knowledge of future generations.

Support the Project “German School Yaoundé”. We got active and put an idea into practice: The foundation of the first German school in Cameroon. With a strong partner by our side we could even achieve more. Enable the support of education for children across national borders. Help us to build bridges between the cultures and make young people “fit” for an international education. Only who gets involved and is committed to improving the future of young people will be able to shape the future sustainably.

Join in – as project partner or sponsor or simply support our initiative with commodity contributions or sustainable partnerships. Carry our idea on to your employees and business partners and become an active supporter of the project. “German School Yaoundé”. For you, as a business, only a small step – for numerous children a great chance for a secure future.


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