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Cameroonian ambassador welcomes booster club of the “German School Yaoundé” in Berlin. Promotion of the economic ties between Germany and Cameroon will be strengthened

09. August 2010 – Berlin. The project initiative “German School Yaoundé” strives for promoting the economic ties between Germany and Cameroon by providing an extensive and intelligent educational concept, explains the initiator of the project, Bop Sandrino-Arndt, during the meeting with the Cameroonian ambassador, H.E. Jean-Marc Mpay on July 16th in Berlin. Both interlocutors are confident that this wish would be of mutual convenience.
The Cameroonian ambassador appreciates the project “German School Yaoundé” (DSJ) as lighthouse project that intends to revitalize the economic relations between Cameroon and Germany.  Furthermore, he pointed out that the great interest in Cameroon is not only in economic relations but also in a cultural and social exchange.

Main focus of the two hour conversation was the presentation of the goals of the project initiative as well as discussion on ongoing activities in the area of the German-Cameroonian cooperation. H. .E. Jean-Marc Mpay used the occasion to point out the great potential of the DSJ-project initiative and the opportunity to sustainably promote the economic and cultural exchange between Cameroon and Germany. At the same time the revitalization of the economic ties between Cameroon and Germany on the basis of a versatile exchange between the economy and the civil society in Germany and Cameroon can be boosted.

H.E. Jean-Marc Mpay underlined the great impact the project initiative DSJ can have on this development and ensure his entire moral endorsement for this project. “With such a lighthouse project, specific approaches for the promotion of a sustainable economic development between Cameroon and Germany are brought to live, without unnecessary freezing in theoretic models”, says the Cameroonian ambassador. “The Cameroonian Diaspora in Germany, one of the most active communities in Europe, is once again demonstrating his willing to trigger with dedication and pragmatism the sustainable development of his home country.”, says H.E. Jean-Marc Mpay.

The meeting with the Cameroonian ambassador is a signal for Bop Sandrino-Arndt and press officer Gabriele Labatzki that the project initiative “German School Yaoundé” is of great importance. “For us as promotion club and our project partners in Germany and Cameroon is the support of the Cameroonian embassy of great significance. We are very proud about getting this strong endorsement from Berlin”, says Bop Sandrino-Arndt.

About the “Förderverein Deutsche Schule Jaunde (DSJ) e.V.:
The promotion club “German school Yaoundé” follows two main goals. On the one hand it strives to sustainably support the educational cooperation between Germany and Cameroon and support the school ideally and financially. On the other hand the booster club sees its tasks in cultural work and the brisk political-economic exchange with the host country Cameroon. The transfer of knowledge and the linguistic education play central roles in this cooperation. The members of the booster club aim at providing all students with a modern and attractive environment to promote individual strengths to the advantage of the community. The purpose is realized by supporting the teaching and the school-life, especially through scholastic and extracurricular activities as well as events.


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