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New Logo for the booster club “German school Yaoundé”. Develop potential – shape the future. New logo for the booster club “German school Yaoundé”

29th June 2010 – Cologne. The booster club “German school Yaoundé” has a new logo. There was a need of a new idea and the search for a proper agency quickly led the club to its goal. The agency P O OR I S T, out of Dortmund, was awarded the contract. The agency is accountable for the logo of this year’s german-cameroonian business forum in Dortmund.

With a likeable, modern word-picture-brand, containing recognizable symbols of colorful and widely opened hands, the agency P O O R I S T out of Dortmund settled the race for the design of the new logo. The task of creating a new word-picture-brand for the booster club mainly consisted of creating a unique symbol, representing the goal of the booster club of creating a sustainable development cooperation. “We are very delighted that together with the agency P O O R I S T we created a creative appearance, holding a unique type displaying a noticeable value”, says the spokesperson of the board, Bop Sandrino-Arndt. The new logo of the booster club “German school Yaoundé” articulated the spirit of the club: modern, future-oriented, transcultural and partner-like. The in the logo represented open-mindedness and diversity is also the basis for the cooperation of the creatives out of Dortmund and the project initiative “German school Yaoundé”. “Right from the start we were delighted by the passion and dedication of this international team. The task, the passion and the openness of the members of the booster club had to be put in a creative draft. This is a challenge we were more than happy to accept” says Kathrin Martinez, one of the creative heads of P O O R I S T.

The decision for the logo is a good start for the national and international Marketing, that is operated on a international level out of the Duisburg office. The new word-picture-brand will be used for all representative printings, business papers, presentations and the internet.

About the “Förderverein Deutsche Schule Jaunde (DSJ) e.V.":
The booster club “German school Yaoundé” follows two main goals. On the one hand it strives to sustainably support the educational cooperation between Germany and Cameroon and support the school ideally and financially. On the other hand the booster club sees its tasks in cultural work and the brisk political-economic exchange with the host country Cameroon. The transfer of knowledge and the linguistic education play central roles in this cooperation. The members of the booster club aim at providing all students with a modern and attractive environment to promote individual strengths to the advantage of the community. The purpose is realized by supporting the teaching and the school-life, especially through scholastic and extracurricular activities as well as events.

About P O O R I S T - Web Management & Design
P O O R I S T is a creative agency for  Web Management & Design, located in Dortmund. Since 2005   P O O R I S T counsels companies, institutions and clubs in questions concerning internet and design solutions. P O O R I S T supervises holistically, from the consulting over the conception until the implementation; all necessary competences are available within the agency. The portfolio includes the development and implementation of intelligent and future-oriented online solutions. The development of authentic and unique company appearances in the context of corporate design is a competence of P O O R I S T.
P O O R I S T creates exactly fitting, tailored solutions that go beyond trends and fulfill the universal needs for clarity, uniqueness and authenticity


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