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As the largest economic power in the European Union and the third largest in the world, Germany has a very special role to play in the area of international and economic cooperation with Cameroon. The historical relationship between both countries and the importance of the German language in Cameroon add to the valuable foundation for a sustainable partnership.

Despite the historical connections between Cameroon and Germany, there is only one institute in Cameroon which promotes the German language and culture: the Goethe Institute. An explicit promotion of the German language is not to be found in Cameroon’s present educational system. The initiators of the German School Yaoundé therefore intend to build up the academic cooperation with Cameroon in order to strengthen the importance of German as a foreign language in the national educational system.

German is the most spoken native language in the European Union and one of the world’s most significant foreign languages. It is the language of poets and thinkers whose thoughts have moved the world. Learning German is not only useful in the sense that it widens professional perspectives, but also because it broadens the personality.

During the official launch of the project which he initiated, “Schools – Partners for the future” (PASCH), Germany’s former foreign minister, Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, stated: “We don’t only want to provide an access to our language and education through our partner schools abroad. We also want to develop a mutual interest and understanding for one another.”

German schools abroad therefore have the responsibility to foster intercultural growth and understanding to help their students on the road to success. Hardly a child begins its life with so many chances and possibilities as children who grow up between cultures. These chances are only waiting to be maximized upon. A new language creates networks between cultures, broadens horizons and opens up new perspectives for a confident and responsible creation of the future.


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