Giving Children a Chance

The German School Yaoundé is planned as a bilingual school in Cameroon providing students with the chance to live and learn in two cultures. This will simplify their integration in a global world and sensitize them to a holistic way of thought. The GSY does not only intend to teach children who are native German speakers, but also those who would be learning to speak German natively in addition to other language they already might speak at home. Emphasis will be placed on comprehensive personality development and the full integration of the school’s student body. These points will belong to the GSY’s most important academic goals. Children will be encouraged to cultivate a confident association with languages. German lessons will expand student competencies in terms of daily communication, linguistic creativity and expression. Two native languages open up the possibility to consider the world from different perspectives, and foster respect and esteem for other cultures.

As an academic institution, the school will build bridges between Germany and Cameroon for students, for teachers and for the community at large. The German School Yaoundé is being conceived as an officially recognized German school abroad which will prepare its students to become open and responsibly conscious members of society as well as providing them with the tools to perform on an international arena. The school will offer an excellent education at levels ranging from kindergarten to the German Abitur diploma, as well as all other degrees from the German educational system. In addition, the international Baccalaureat (IB) will give graduates the chance to study at international universities. The German School Yaoundé thereby will present an outstanding alternative to an English or French school.


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