Mission Statement

An “Integration Anchor” for Future Generations

"A house without books is poor, even when beautiful carpets cover its floors and precious hangings decorate its walls.” (Herman Hesse)

A very simple thought is at the root of our project’s principle concept:  a fundamental, excellent education. We need learning processes before we attempt to initiate new political ideas or to develop new technologies. These processes can only be generated through the thought-provoking impulses which form the idea of sustainable development.
Questions such as “which resources can I use and how?” or “how do I convey culture in an integrative manner?” must be considered in educational processes in order to sustainably shape the future. The German School Yaoundé will serve as a prototype offering this type of holistic, conscious education.

The school is being planned as an institution, a place where individual thinking and shared action will be key, initiating patterns of thought whose focus will be on practice, which in turn will develop and support sustainable ideas. Global learning and environmental education are firmly anchored in the school’s concept. Cutting-edge ways of learning, models and class materials will place these themes at the forefront, thereby achieving consciousness for a sustainable association with natural resources.

On the basis of its avant-garde educational system enhanced by German, an important European language, the GSY will be a place of pioneering innovation and intercultural dialogue. A school with a model of sustainability.
Teaching, learning and living will be practiced from an integrative standpoint. Values and practices from all areas of life, including politics, economics and social life, will serve to inspire the GSY model, permitting the transmission of precise yet simultaneously diverse areas of knowledge.

The German School Yaoundé also will encourage active exchanges with the guest country Cameroon. This international environment and spirit of cooperation will be experienced and lived as a deep enrichment. The support and encouragement of cultural exchange are also important concepts of the GSY model.


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