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An idea always lies at the beginning of all things. Dialogue then can impart this idea with vitality, carrying it further and further, to the point where creative individuals and boundless exchange turn the idea into a vision.
The idea we’ve had from the start developed in exactly this way, and it now has taken on a very concrete shape: the German School Yaoundé (GSY). Many creative minds from the most diverse backgrounds have turned their conception of a “green school for the future” into a concerted effort. Our goal from the start has been to inspire people with what we think is a very good idea.

The story of this idea is easy to tell, really. A visit to the Cameroonian capital Yaoundé quickly became a creative challenge. Bop Sandrino-Arndt, a successful businessman of Cameroonian origin, travelled to Africa on business from his current home in Germany. While in Yaoundé, Bop happened to visit a French school. The impressions he collected during this visit took a hold of him, then began to take on the form of a question which relentlessly drove him to find an answer: “There is a university in Yaoundé which has been offering degrees for German Studies since 1997, and yet there is no German school in the city which makes use of this educational advantage in any way…how can that be?”

This question did not get lost in Bop’s luggage on the return trip to Germany. It was unpacked in Germany, spun from many different angles, and it formed the catalyst for the German School Yaoundé Project.
A school in Cameroon which connects everything one could wish for in terms of personal and academic development: education partnered with sustainability. The German School Yaoundé is being planned as an environmentally-friendly school where daily life will be shaped by fundamental concepts such as respect, consideration, loyalty, readiness for communication and shared responsibility.

The GSY concept was hatched thanks to the constant exchange of a number of creative minds, and seeks to create a school offering an excellent education while striving to increase awareness of concepts such as ecological, economic, social and cultural responsibility.
The German School Yaoundé: more than just a clever idea.


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