Roadmap 2020

When a vision becomes reality

As the first strongest economical power in Europe and the second one in the world, Germany is playing a leading role in international collaboration for the development of African countries and specially Cameroon. The historical relationship between the two countries and specifically the importance of the German language lay down a fundamental ground for long term partnership in the future.

Inspite of this tight cultural-historical connection there is only one institute to promote the German language in Cameroon - the Goethe Institute. An explicit promotion of the German language unfortunately does not yet exist yet in today‘s education system. That is why the initiators of the German School Yaundé (GSY) set themselves the goal of extending the educational collaboration with Cameroon in order to establish the German language in the national education system more firmly.

Under the umbrella of education a new school is emerging / coming into being which claims to be more than „just“ a school. It reflects different aspects of a modern political-economical way of thinking.

An integral development of the students‘ personality and their integration will be the main objective of the pedagogical work. The children will be encouraged to consciously use language. The German lessons will improve the competencies of the students in respect to everyday communication, to linguistic creativity and oral skills. Two mother tongues give them the possibility to perceive the world from two different perspectives as well as to develop respect towards other cultures. But also the early technical-professional education of the Cameroon‘s youth plays an important role in the frame of this educational initiative.

The GSY is conceived as an officially recognized German school abroad with German educational objectives. It is supposed to support / lead its students on their way to becoming open-minded and resposible members of society and prepares them for the international competition. As a modern educational-political institution the GSY wants to create bridges between Germany and Cameroon – for students, for teachers and the wider school community. It offers great learning opportunities to all students from nursery on to the A-Levels and makes it possibile for them to graduate and have a degree in all the kinds of general German schools.


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