German-Cameroonians Business Circle

Political-economic cooperation in the focus

The German-Cameroonian business circle (DKW)  is a non-profit organization and aims at initiating and promoting economic partnerships of countries of central Africa – especially Cameroon – and the Federal Republic of Germany.

Members of the club are above all interested person, companies and organizations of all economic industries. The club pursues promotion of the economy, making international cooperation easier and supports the development of business connections between Germany and central Africa.

The projects of the club serve the cooperation of Germany and Cameroon not only on the humanitarian level but also on the intellectual and physical level. The club offers a platform for contacts and for an exchange of opinions and informations. For maintaining the balance of interests there are offered internal and external events. Relevant informations are collected and will be provided to the members in form of own publications. This publications as well as enquiries on behalf of the members or external parties will be distributed through various communication platforms.


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