Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, MoP (Member of federal Parliament)
Patron* of the project “German School Yaoundé”

Photo: / Thomas Köhler
In a continuously coalescent world it becomes more and more important to promote the understanding and exchange across political and cultural barriers. The key for mutual understanding, willingness, open-mindedness and the ability for cultural exchange is education. The earlier young people get in touch with other cultures, other languages and lifestyles the more self-evidently they will develop understanding for others and exceed their cultural horizon.

With the help of education and cultural exchange we can build bridges on which we will depend on more and more and which will yield a human, political and economical return for our partners and us.Because of being a firm believer in this I attempted for international education and cultural exchange during my time as foreign affairs minister; and because of the same reason I was delighted to become patron of the project “German School Yaoundé”.

This project is exemplarily in many ways. It focuses on modern, innovative ideas, invites to cross cultural borders and it will contribute to establish close ties between Germany and Cameroon. Africa is a continent with great opportunities. We need such projects that support the rise of a young and well-educated generation that is able to take this opportunity.

That is why the project “German School Yaoundé” deserves any support.

Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier

*until 31.12.2013 in his function as member of the german parliament and chief of SPD parliament group


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